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Shows you’ll have access to

  • 90 Seconds with Slate

    90 Seconds with Slate

  • All Slate Plus Podcasts

    A comprehensive feed of every Slate Plus episode.

  • Amicus

    A legal podcast with Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick.

  • Audio Book Club

    Dissecting today’s best books and authors.

  • Best of Slate's Culture Podcasts

    Best of Slate's Culture Podcasts

  • Best of Slate’s History Podcasts

    Best of Slate’s History Podcasts

  • Better Life Lab

    Better Life Lab

  • Conspiracy Thrillers Movie Club

    Sam Adams and other culture critics rewatch some of the best conspiracy thrillers in modern film.

  • Culture Gabfest

    Slate’s critics debate the week in culture, from highbrow to pop.

  • Dear Prudence

    Advice, commentary, and conversation from Danny M. Lavery.

  • Decoder Ring

    Cracking cultural mysteries.

  • El Gabfest en Español

    El Gabfest en Español

  • Employee of the Month

    Employee of the Month

  • Flashback

    Revisiting films from the past with a modern critical eye.

  • Getting In

    Getting In

  • Hacking Mr. Robot

    Hacking Mr. Robot

  • Hang Up and Listen

    Conversation and analysis on the week in sports.

  • Hi-Phi Nation

    A philosophy podcast that turns stories into ideas.

  • Hit Parade

    What makes a song a smash? Talent? Luck? Timing? All that—and more.

  • How To!

    Solving life’s problems, one question at a time.

  • I Have to Ask

    Deep conversations with Isaac Chotiner.

  • Lend Me Your Ears

    What some of Shakespeare's plays have to say about politics in our troubled age.

  • Lexicon Valley

    A podcast about language, from pet peeves to syntax.

  • Live at Politics and Prose

    Live at Politics and Prose

  • Man Up

    Masculinity, race, and relationships in the modern world.

  • Mom and Dad Are Fighting

    Parenting advice from Slate.

  • Outward

    Expanding the LGBTQ conversation.

  • Outward Kiki

    Outward Kiki

  • Political Gabfest

    Where sharp political analysis meets informal and irreverent discussion.

  • Represent

    Aisha Harris dives deep into conversations with critics and filmmakers.

  • S+ Extra

    S+ Extra

  • Slate Academy: A Year of Great Books

    Books columnist Laura Miller and her fellow Slatesters read and discuss six great novels.

  • Slate Academy: Fascism

    The history of fascism in six countries, including the U.S., and its relevance to our political climate today.

  • Slate Academy: Pop, Race, and the '60s

    Join Slate pop critic Jack Hamilton for a bold re-examination of the music of the ’60s.

  • Slate Academy: Reconstruction

    The 12 years after slavery that explain America today.

  • Slate Academy: The History of American Slavery

    Rebecca Onion and Jamelle Bouie examine how the institution came to shape our country’s politics, economy, and culture.

  • Slate Academy: The United States of Debt

    An in-depth look at the reality of owing money in America: How we get into debt, and how we can get out.

  • Slate Culture

    The Culture Gabfest and all of Slate's culture coverage.

  • Slate Money

    Sharp financial analysis and economic news.

  • Slate Presents

    Special audio projects from Slate, including Charged, Standoff, and The Queen.

  • Slate Spoiler Specials

    Plot holes, twist endings, and other secrets of current movies.

  • Slate's Serial Spoiler Specials

    Slate's Serial Spoiler Specials

  • Slate Voice

    Slate Voice

  • Slow Burn

    All seasons of Slow Burn, including Watergate, the Clinton impeachment, Biggie and Tupac, and David Duke.

  • Studio 360

    The Peabody Award-winning show from PRI.

  • The Americans

    The Americans

  • The Authority: Exploring the Worlds of His Dark Materials

    The Authority: Exploring the Worlds of His Dark Materials

  • The Best of Slate Podcasts

    The Best of Slate Podcasts

  • The Checkup

    The Checkup

  • The Gist

    A daily evening show about news, culture, and more, with Mike Pesca.

  • The Good Fight

    The Good Fight

  • The Moment

    The Moment

  • The Queen

    The never-before-told story of a woman whose singular life was forgotten in the rush to create a vicious American stereotype.

  • The Secret History of the Future

    From Slate and the Economist: Discovering how people reacted to past innovations can also teach us about ourselves.

  • The Waves

    How gender explains everything.

  • Thirst Aid Kit

    Thirst is natural … so let’s celebrate it!

  • Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism

    Companies in the news, and how they got there.

  • Trumpcare Tracker

    Trumpcare Tracker

  • Trumpcast

    A roundup of all things Donald Trump.

  • TV Club: Better Call Saul

    TV Club: Better Call Saul

  • TV Club: Downton Abbey

    TV Club: Downton Abbey

  • TV Club: Empire

    TV Club: Empire

  • TV Club: Game of Thrones

    TV Club: Game of Thrones

  • TV Club: The Walking Dead

    TV Club: The Walking Dead

  • Upon Further Review

    Great sports what-ifs with Mike Pesca.

  • What Next

    Daily news and analysis from Slate.

  • What Next: TBD

    Tech, power, and the future with Lizzie O’Leary.

  • Whistlestop


  • Who Runs That?

    Who Runs That?

  • Women in Charge

    Women in Charge

  • Working



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